15 Tips to prepare your Home for a successful Photo Shoot

1- Get rid of removable storage Remove all baskets, boxes, etc..from all the rooms to be photographed 2- Clutter, Clutter, Clutter! Remove ALL clutter throughout the house; the less the better. 3- Put away all personal items Remove all family photos, albums, etc.. 4- Thin out your closet! Take at least half of what [...]

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8 Tips for Better Night Photography

8 Tips for Better Night Photography 1- Stable Tripod A good Tripod is the most important piece of gear for long exposure during night photography. 2- Exposure I use long exposures to capture bursting street lights trailing light of trains, cars, etc.. 10, 20 or 30 seconds in general will give you trailing [...]

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7 Reasons to hire EckFoto for your next Children Photography Session

7 Tips that we use while photographing Children 1- Involve the parents and ask them to play with their kids. Inviting the parents to be a part of the photo shoot bring the children back to their natural environment and make them more relaxed. 2- Make the whole photo shoot into a game [...]

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Headshot Photography Tips

Professional Headshot Photography Tips for Success 1- Are you still using a selfie on your Social Media profile? Professional Headshot are very popular these days, thanks to all the Social Media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.. Everybody wants to look their best on their profiles right?. Are you using selfies and would like [...]

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7 Tips for improving your Kitesurfing Photography

From Gear choice to Composition and Shoot Angles, this is a guide that will help you improve your Kitsurfing Photography EckFoto_Kitesurfing_PhotographyRG964 1- Camera I am using a high resolution full frame camera with a 100 to 400 mm zoom lens, it gives me more flexibility. I set my Camera in Manual [...]

Welcome to Morningside

Andrew Mitchell & CO and Kevin Bilafer are proud to offer 24 Arrowhead Lane in the Morningside Neighborhood in Arlington, MA. EckFoto Real Estate Photography - Beautiful Home in Arlington, MA Front Entrance Situated on an Oversized Lot this 4 Bedroom 3 and a Half Bathroom Ranch Style Home with Finished [...]

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Wayside Inn, Sudbury Massachusetts

A visit a the Historic Wayside Inn, Sudbury Massachusetts Longfellow Wayside Inn in Sudbury Massachusetts is reputedly the oldest operating Inn in the United States. It is located at the Old Upper Boston Post Road, a system of mail-delivery routes between New York City and Boston established in the later part of the 17th century. [...]

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Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

A Hidden Jewel in Boston.. A Hidden Jewel, right in our backyard! What an impressive collection of art and exquisite display of flowers! In addition to a very well thought architecture, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston is a real work of art. Despite the fact that flashes were not allowed, I took my camera [...]

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Locust Pond in Tyngsboro Masachusetts

Chekcing the Dam at Locust Pond in Tyngsboro Massachusetss Our mission today was to check on the Dam at Locust Pond in Tyngsboro Massachusetts owned by Beverly and Janet. It was an almost early Spring afternoon with a bright sunshine and an above normal temperature. The dam seemed OK. There were only a few branches [...]

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Rediscover Lexington Massachusetts

I have never felt so American.. [pullquote]If you ever have a chance to be in Lexington Massachusetts, stop by the Office of Tourism, you will meet Bill and be glad you did.[/pullquote] If you ever have a chance to be in Lexington Massachusetts, stop by the Office of Tourism, you will meet Bill and be [...]