Real Estate Photography


What if we could help you Sell More Properties?

-> Our ultimate goal is to help you sell more properties.
-> Balancing ambient and natural light is our passion.
-> We create accurate visual representation of your listings that makes them unique.


What if we could make you more relaxed in front of a camera?

-> Our priority is to make you look at your best for Professional results every tine.

-> We “paint with lighting putting shadows and highlights at the right place

-> For greater convenience and rapidity of service we bring our Professional studio to your home or place of business.

EckFoto Portrait Photography


Great Photography is a Science.

Great Photography is an Art.

Great Photography is an Awesome Tool.

Great Photography is the perfect Observing Tool.

The Gear for the Best Outcome.

Our Customers Goal in every single Shoot.

Great Photography is All.

Great Photography is All we are About.




In addition to having the latest and greatest Gear available in the market we are Passionate with what we do. We listen to our Customers and do exactly what they want. We also connect with the subject to get a more natural look.

As online home shopping is rapidly growing professional real estate photography is becoming indispensable. Nowadays most of the potential home buyers are relying on the internet before making any decisions. We will make your properties shine and put you ahead of your competition.

Focusing on the eyes, having natural light on our side, a great location, high speed sync flash when it is called for, beautiful composition.. these are some of our priorities when it comes to take portrait photography.

We know what to do and what to say to make you look at your best during our Headshot Photography Session. We will make you smile, heck we will even make you laugh. We will guide you to make you look natural and relaxed.

Pleasing and Accurate Representation of All Kinds and Shapes of Buildings.

We Love Pets and we love taking pictures of them. First thing first, we connect with them, we play with them, we enter their world. Then we have fun and take hundreds of shots at high shutter speed so we do not miss anything.