From Gear choice to Composition and Shoot Angles, this is a guide that will help you improve your Kitsurfing Photography


1- Camera

I am using a high resolution full frame camera with a 100 to 400 mm zoom lens, it gives me more flexibility.
I set my Camera in Manual mode; at least 1000/1 sec, F8 to F11 and ISO 100 (use High Speed Mode).
Take multiple shots and pan the camera to follow the surfers.


2- Composition

Composition is key and make it “KIS” (keep in simple). The less is more; avoid crowded pictures with multiple surfers in the shot. Focus on 1 surfer with a wave in the foreground and a blurry background. Show the surf board in its entirety. Use rule of 3rd to get the best composition possible in camera. It will make it easier in post. Create depth of field and compose the shot.



3- Shoot Angles

Change your angle of shoot constantly. Move around; don’t hesitate to walk in the water if it’s shallow. Get shots of riders going from left to right, right to left. Shoot Riders coming towards you with the waves. Take pictures of surfers jumping in all angles; away from you straight on, away from you from side to side, and towards you. Show the water sprays very close to the surf board. Capture all the bubbles and light through the water, it will give a better sensation of speed.


4- Get Closer to the action

Get closer to your subjects. Even if you have to go in the shallow water; ware sandals to avoid wounds from sharp objects. Remember Safety is number one; look around at all time. Closer shots bring more details and give a sense of the action.


5- Weather condition

A windy sunny day with blue sky is a must. Some Clouds in the sky makes it more interesting. Avoid shooting a noon. Depending of the wind direction try to shoot with the sun behind you as much as you can. Use your creativity on this one.


6 – Communicate with Riders

Try to communicate with the riders beforehand. Ask them to jump coming close to you. They will all welcome you and give you the action that you are looking for. Try to communicate with them while shooting. They will gladly listen most of the time.


7- Have Fun!

And most of all have fun and be creative. Remember the gear is important but what makes a great picture is you and your creativity.

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