Frequently Asked Questions

This is a list of answers to questions that people ask frequently about EckFoto.
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I am shy in front of a camera, how will you help me during your Head Shot Photography Session?2019-08-27T16:11:57-04:00

We Make you Relaxed so You Look at Your Best during our Headshot Photography Session

1- We know what to do and what to say to make you look at your best during our Head Shot Photography Session.
2- We will make you smile, we will even make you laugh
3- We will guide you to make you look natural and relaxed.
4- Depending on your profession we will suggest a clean white or black backdrop for a business look, a blurry backdrop for a more relaxed atmosphere. You choose.

EckFoto Headshot Photography Header

What is your experience shooting Pet Photography?2019-08-27T14:46:01-04:00

We have many years of Experience Shooting Pet Photography. Here are some of our pet photography tips that we sue during our pet photography session.
1. We love All kinds of Pets. We are comfortable around pets. We build a rapport very quickly and we know that we have to enter their world.
2. We enter their world. We are not afraid to get our knees dirty and we tend to stay during the whole shoot at their level.
3. We use the right gear. We use a high resolution full frame camera very fast shutter speed and fast lenses so we do not miss any moments.
4. Location that the Pet is used to. We choose a location that the pet is accustomed to for better natural results. If the pet has fun, the images will be immensely better. We know that, and make sure of it all the way through.
5. Look into their eyes. We use a sophisticated eye tracking and eye focusing system. We focus our images on your pet’s eyes.

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Do you have experience shooting Real Estate Photography?2019-08-27T15:56:01-04:00

We have many years of Experience shooting Real Estate Photography.

What if we could help you Sell More Properties?
1- Our ultimate goal is to increase your listing’s visibility on the internet and help you sell more properties.
2- We use High Resolution Full Frame Cameras with Wide Angle Lenses to capture the most of your propriety.
3- Balancing ambient and natural light is our passion. We use flash light as well as ambient light to create natural imagery of your house. We combine both lighting in post.
4- We create accurate visual representation of your listings that makes them unique.
Real Estate Photography is what we do the most and we have been doing it for many years.

EckFoto Real Estate Photography

EckFoto Real Estate Photography


What Equipment are you using for Real Estate Photography?2019-08-27T15:41:39-04:00

We use Professional Grade Gear to shoot Real Estate Photography

1- We use High Resolution Full Frame cameras; 42mp.
2- We use professional tripods and 3 way gear Heads for better precision.
3- We use Wide Angle Lenses as low as 12mm Lenses to capture more of your properties.
4- We use professional flashes and lighting systems, remote triggering systems.

Where can I go to see some of your work?2017-09-03T16:52:40-04:00

You can go here to see our Recent Works.

What if my Pet feels nervous around a photographer?2017-09-03T16:49:35-04:00

We like to come to a per-visit where we spend time with your animal(s). We bring our camera and we do preliminary shoots so your pets get use to us. We love Pets and it is never a problem to be around them. To the contrary, most of the time the pets have difficult time to let us go after the session.

When can I expect my images and how will I get them?2017-09-03T16:45:49-04:00

It takes usually 1 to 2 business days for editing and processing your beautiful images. We will send you a Drop Box link for High Resolution (Prints, etc..) and Low Resolution images (web, facebook, etc…).

Where can I find your pricing?2017-09-03T16:41:50-04:00

We display our pricing at the end of each services that we provide.
Click Here for Real Estate Pricing,
Click Here for Portrait Pricing

What are you including in your Fees?2017-09-03T16:35:22-04:00

We will honor our commitment to you. Customers are always right. We will include everything that was previously agreed upon; Length of session, number of images, etc.. Most of our packages include a Drop Box Link to all the High Resolution and Low Resolution images that are been taken during the photo shoot, a link to a private (password protected) Print-Shop website with all your images and more.

Do you specialize in other areas of Photography?2017-12-25T21:25:25-04:00

Yes. In addition to Portrait Photography we specialize in Real estate, Event, Architecture, Landscape, Nature and Museum Photography.