We offer Photography Services for All your Photography Needs; Stunning Images of  Real Estate Properties, Amazing Portrait Photography and Headshot Photography, Precise Architecture Photography, Inspiring Landscapes, Fun for All Event Photography, Touching Pets Photography, Nature Photography that will Move You and Sport Photography to get the Action.


As online home shopping is rapidly growing professional real estate photography is becoming indispensable. Nowadays most of the potential home buyers are relying on the internet before making any decisions.. Read More..



Our Number one goal is to commemorate via the art of Portrait Photography what is the most important to you; your family members, your co-workers, your pets, etc.. Read More…



The Perfect Headshot! We know what to do and what to say to make you look at your best during our Headshot Photography Session. We will make you smile, heck we will even make you laugh. We will guide you to make you look natural and relaxed.Read More…



Our Number one goal is to commemorate via the art of Portrait Photography what is the most important to you; your family members, your co-workers, your pets, etc.. Read More…



Pleasing and Accurate Representations of All Kinds and Shapes of Buildings.



Spectacular Portrait Photography of Your Best Friends; Memories that will Last a Lifetime.



Capturing Our Sublime World Around; Let us Inspire you..



Stunning Collection of Images of New England’s Flowers and Wildlife; Let us Move You..


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EckFoto Complete Photography Offereing includes Portrait, Events, Nature, Pets, Commercial, Real Estate, Sports, etc..

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We are specialized in Portrait Photography, Architectural Photography, Commercial Photography, Engagement Photography, Event Photography, Family Portrait Photography, Nature Photography, Pet Photography, Real Estate Photography and Sports Photography.
We offer Food Tours where you will discover the hidden gourmet jewels of each location we organize tour for.
Our Guided Historic Tours offer accurate Historic Facts; we study and research relentlessly all the historic facts  related to each area that we tour.

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What Our Clients Say

Thank you, Jean-Louis.
It was a great day, you were excellent! I will let people know how great your tour was with you.Take care, Mimi S.

Mimi S.

Jean Louis, I just looked at these photos and quite honestly, I think they look amazing. I am shocked at what a wonderful job you did!

Karen B., Wiiliam Raveis

Hi, I finally just found a moment and Dropbox worked so I got to see the photos! They are amazing and so superior to the ones I have. Thank you so much!!!! What an education to see the difference!

Jane C., William Raveis

You did a spectacular job with photos. And got them to me fast, too! Very helpful. Your pictures are quite different than the ones we have. I like the artistic eye and wide-angle that you can achieve. Some of the photos are on MLS today and I will let you know how we do with the listing now that we’ve made some changes. I may add more tonight.  I like working with you and will certainly throw some more business your way as I can.
I really appreciate you giving me your time too try out your photography services and will ask you to help in the future. Let me know when you have your drone license, too!

Abby W., Engel & Volkers

Thanks so much Jean-Louis. It was a pleasure meeting you. The pictures look great. I do so appreciate the short notic.

Susan, Century 21 Commonwealth
Our Guide, Jean Louis, was fantastic! He is extremely passionate about history and very affable. We enjoyed his commentary and company. All of his excursions are limited to a very small group. Our tour turned out to be a private one which was really cool. The pictures he took came out spectacularly. Not only was it nice not to have to worry about taking good photos but it was so nice to have both my wife and I in each shot. Another thing I noticed is that Jean Louis would ask other tourists to move out of the shot. I don’t know if it was his mannerism or the fact that he is obviously a professional photographer, but everyone complied with his direction. The result is that our pictures look like my wife and I were the only souls on the Freedom Trail that day. Once again I can’t recommend this experience highly enough.
John M.

Our guide, Jean-Louis, was personable and easy to be with. He was also very passionate about the historical information he shared during the tour. Overall a good experience during our stay in Boston.

Christi K.