Tower Park Battle, Lexington, Massachusetts, April 19, 1775

Against All Odds.

The Battle of Lexington reenactment at the Tower Park, the famous battle that kicked off the American Revolution War on April 19, 1775. A handful of farmers against the most powerful army in the world at the time.
The reenactment battle started at around 4:00 pm yesterday. Charles Gabriel my seven year old son and I were so close to it, it was surreal.  We’ve heard all kinds of sounds; the men marching, the men screaming, the incredibly loud explosion of the guns and canons. We saw the officers anxious and worried. We were so close that we smelled their thoroughbred’s musky scent and saw their eyes wide open ready for anything. I squeezed my camera, my heart was pounding.
I imagined the bullets flying all over cutting the air full of smoke like a razor. “Pluck” Oh this one missed me by an inch and when into the tree close to me. I was thinking how horrible it must have been for these brave Patriots to lose their fathers, their brothers, and to never see their childhood friends again. Yesterday they were working in the fields preparing for the new season. Today they are in the center of Hell with all the odds against them. They must have thought “I can’t breathe, the black powder smoke tries to push itself down to my throat. My lungs are burning. Another explosion from the low angle muzzle-loaders canon up on the ridge.. It is so close.. It is so loud.. When is this going to end? Am I going to be next?”

From today and going forward I pledge to never take for granted the freedom that we all enjoy and that makes this country  Great. I will remember Joseph Warren, Paul Revere, William Dawes, Samuel Adams and John Hancock sacrifices for the rest of my days. I will make sure that my kids know what happened here over two hundred years ago.

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