7 Tips that we use while photographing Children

1- Involve the parents and ask them to play with their kids.

Inviting the parents to be a part of the photo shoot bring the children back to their natural environment and make them more relaxed.

2- Make the whole photo shoot into a game by asking silly questions.

Silly questions and jokes bring laughter and smiles and make the photo shoot fun.

3- Look for the impromptu moment to capture the Children as they are

Capturing the Children as they are in their natural world and not as you want them to be is a key ingredient to success. Capturing spontaneity is so rewarding and makes a huge difference.

4- Enter their world; go down to their eye level and speak their language.

Make the Children as comfortable as possible and make them fill at home by entering into their world. Don’t be afraid to get down on your knees to address them at eye level.

5- Get closer to them and make them participate.

Closer is better. Make them participate, show them your camera. Give them your camera and let them play with it.

6- Avoid using flashes and use natural light as much as possible.

Flashes can be frightening for young children and create distractions. Use natural lighting instead, that will make them feel more secure and produce much better results.

7- Shoot with 85mm lenses wide open for milky backgrounds.

85mm with low aperture is our Lens of choice while photographing Children. It produces sharper results and shallow depth of field.