8 Tips to get you prepared for your next Headshot Photography Session

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1- Come open-minded

As a professional head shot photographer I will guide you throughout the whole session. I will help you to relax and give you the best suggestions for the poses that will help you look your best.

EckFoto Headshot Photography

2- What should I wear?

The question that comes out the most is what do I need to wear?

It will depend on what you will be using the head shot for. Acting? Business? Social Media? Think about the context, it will help you decide. Bring a lot of options; at least 5 outfits that you love. One dark, one light color, something business like, something fun, something that would wear to a gala, etc.. Solid colors are best and less distracting. Blues, darker red, darker grey will help bring the focus on you and not on what you are wearing. Avoid bright colors.

Outfits that show your neck line and collar bone are preferable. Long sleeves are also preferable, just like pattern and bright colors; bare arms can sometimes draw attention to themselves. Suits or dresses are the best choice for business head shots. More casual clothes will be suited for freelancers, artists, etc..

EckFoto Headshot Photography

3- How about my Hair?

As far as hair goes, dyeing hair three days before the photo shoot is ideal if you die your hair. You want to have a great “hair day”, it will show in your images. The best you feel about yourself, the best head shots. Trimming and deep conditioning will also help to achieve better results. Waxed eyebrows a few days ahead is also recommended.

4- I want my skin to look at its best

I hear this every time before a shoot; “I get so nervous in front of a camera my skin starts to get shiny, etc.. How do I avoid this?” One week is a perfect timing to think about taking care of your skin with good exfoliation as it will make your skin ready for the photo shoot.

5- A Manicure before a head shot?

This is another confidence booster and makes you feel good about yourself. Getting a manicure will also help with soft and neutral nail colors.

EckFoto Headshot Photography

6- It’s all about bringing up your personality

As a professional photographer I owe to my clients to bring the best equipment to the session to guaranty success. I understand lighting and shadows to get the best possible outcome. I always have the best backdrop color to bring out your personality and the best in you.

7- How often should I get my Head Shot done?

Head shots should be updated every 2 years for adults, and once a year for teens and younger. You just cut or died your hair? Now is time for a new head shot photography session.

8- Why do I need a Professional Photographer for my Head Shots?

Avoid iPhone shots or low grade cameras. Hire a Professional Head Shot Photographer, it is worth every penny.  Your head shot has to be different and has to pop out, to show who you are and what you are about. We form our impressions of others online based on their head shot. Your head shot is your first line of defense in showcasing your talent and you personality. Through our experience and technical know how we ensure a positive first impression that will help you achieve your goal.

EckFoto Headshot Photography

  • Relax in front of the Camera

  • Solid Colors Outfit

  • A Great Hair Day

  • Skin Exfoliation

  • Manicure

  • Bringing up your Personality

  • Headshot every 2 Years

  • Professional Photographer