Jean-Louis Eck
Jean-Louis EckFounder

Hi I am Jean-Louis. I grew up in a small town in the heart of Provence, France surrounded by lavender and sunflower fields. I learned photography at an early age when films had to be developed in dark rooms. I lived in Paris for a while and then moved to the Boston area where I started my own business. I have a passion for photography and always thrive to get the best result no matter what the obstacles. I enjoy producing all all kinds of photography but my top 3 are Real Estate Photography, Corporate Headshot Photography and Pet Photography.
To me Photography is an Art. And as such it goes beyond camera’s settings and proper adjustments. It’s most important elements are Lighting, Composition, Mood, Posing and Expression.

Ma Belle Provence..

The Country where I come from..

Magical Provence

Ma Belle Provence



The city of Light

I fell in Love with the City


Where my Home is


The Birth Place of the America Revolution