Gloucester, Massachusetts

//Gloucester, Massachusetts

Gloucester, Massachusetts

Gloucester, Massachusetts
One of the First English Settlement founded in 1623
Still a great place to catch Tuna..

[pullquote]We had the beach for ourselves![/pullquote] A very thick fog was blanketing the whole Gloucester area, it was spectacular.
We went to go to the beach, no one was there. The sun was trying very hard to pierce the white smoke like blanket; I had to take pictures, it was so magical, I had to.

[pullquote]Wicked Tuna![/pullquote] I noticed an unusual gathering on the pier. We decided to check it out just before heading home. David Marciano from the famous National Geographic Channel “Wicked Tuna” TV series was there with his crew from the They were weighing his latest catch; a 300+ pound Tuna! Even though the kids and I fell some remorse for the  magnificent fish hanging lifeless, it was very exciting.

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